Eating in CB


City MarketGunnison is a fairly straight 25 minute drive. You can order online and have them deliver your order straight to your car. Get your time slot at least 24 hours ahead – you can make changes to your order up to midnight the night before your time slot
Clark’sSmall grocery in town that is sometimes picked over in high season, but a good backup for City Market.
Mountain EarthLovely small organic grocery. Can be expensive.
Farmer’s MarketAbsolutely beautiful market on the West end of Elk Avenue in Sunday mornings in summer. Meat can be a bit sparse by late summer because locals buy ranch shares and get their protein straight from their neighbors.


We hate to choose favorites, we love so many of the restaurants in town that we can’t mention them all. So instead we will put our top handful, but please know that we go to many more than these few! Also feel free to ask if you’re looking for something special like a bakery, caterer, etc.

Few restaurants in town will take reservations and even if you choose to pick up your meal to eat at the house, they will be hard to reach on the phone. We usually walk/bike down to Elk, place an order in person, then go back up in 30-45 minutes when it’s ready. It’s a 10 minute walk, so it’s not a hardship.

Secret StashThe absolute go-to for pizza.
Last SteepGreat for a crowd of people who don’t know what they want to eat. Something for everyone.
RyceSuper tasty pan-Asian. Huge portions, even our teen boys make 2+ meals from their order.
Butte BagelsLong lines, but you can usually get them on the phone and call in an order and pick it up from the window on the side of the building. Buy a bunch, slice them and throw them in the freezer for the week!
McGill’sBreakfast that will stick to your ribs. Always so good, but you may need a post-breakfast nap.
The GasserStay with me here. The Gas Cafe has amazing sandwiches, especially the breakfast ones. Call ahead to order and wander down one block to grab delicious calorie bombs to get your body fueled up for the big day ahead.
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